Delivering operational excellence in transport

Quorso helps you get costs under control and seize opportunities to boost revenue.

Enhance core and ancillary revenue​

  • Reallocate capacity to meet demand.
  • Measure the success of local campaigns and price changes.
  • Optimise ancillary revenue by location and channel.

National Express, the global transport business, uses Quorso to maximise revenue on 140 bus routes, for 12 day parts, and 24 ticket types.

Optimise fleet management

For businesses with large fleets, Quorso continuously scans operational, utilisation, and financial data to reduce costs.

  • Improve utilisation by vehicle type, by location.
  • Identify and remove unproductive fleet.
  • Manage total cost of ownership.

A leading global car rental business is trialling Quorso to improve fleet utilisation and manage down carrying costs for 24 vehicle types at 150 locations.

Optimise team efficiency

  • Improve driver and engineer productivity.
  • Manage down unnecessary overtime.
  • Reduce unproductive hours.
  • Track compliance to rota.

Save on maintenance parts

  • Keep track of spend on parts and materials.
  • Monitor usage of thousands of vehicle parts at a garage level.
  • Minimise non-compliant, off-catalogue spend. 

By highlighting costs that fall through the cracks, Quorso helped a transport company save over $100,000 on unnecessary phone contracts.

Drive improvement at your transport company.

Let us show you how.

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