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With input from retail thought-leaders and global operators, including Alvarez & Marsal, Party City, DXL Group, Microsoft, OmniTalk, LVMH, The Robin Report, REPL, BJSS, RETHINK Retail, Ollie Banks...and so many more!
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We talk to retail thought leaders about why Agile Stores are essential for retail survival in 2022.

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Hear industry experts discussing our
four Agile Stores values.

Value #1: Engaged humans over compliant task-doers.

"Is a motivated workforce at odds with ensuring task consistency?" With Brian Reaves, former DXL Group; Hasan Javed, Microsoft; David Gore, BJSS.

Value #2: Action over insight.

"Is it possible for stores to act fast, but still minimize the risk of getting things wrong?" With Chris Richardson, Party City; Chris Taylor; Julia Raymond, RETHINK Retail; Alex Genov, Zappos.

Value #3: Store networking over central instruction.

“Can retailers relax their top-down command, without reducing business-wide alignment?” With Chris Walton, OmniTalk; Robin Lewis, The Robin Report; Mohit Mohal, A&M Consumer & Retail Group.

Value #4: Learning and adapting over following a plan.

"Can retailers feel confident of success, without the reassurance of a 5-year plan?" With Mike Simoncic, A&M; Ollie Banks, Retail Transformation Show; Elinor Noble, LOEWE; Dan Goldman, GAP.

The Agile Stores Manifesto.

What do we mean by Agile Stores? Referencing software's Agile Manifesto, Quorso has created our own iteration to explain how an Agile Store operates compared to traditional store operations.

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The comprehensive view on Agile Stores.

Agile Stores Report.

The Agile Stores brief: Agile retail is finally coming to stores.

What does being 'more agile' actually mean? What does Agile Retail actually look like, and where could it take your business? Find out in our 28-page report:
- Why retail should think more like a mobile app.
- Why Walmart, not Amazon, is the future of retail.
- How to fuse the digital with the physical for seamless omnichannel.
- The data and results coming out of Agile Stores.
- How to become Agile, in four steps.

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Agile Archives.

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Agile Stores in numbers.

What are the numbers that prove Agile should be at the top of every retail leader’s priority list for this year?

Benchmark. How agile are you compared to other retailers?

Complete nine simple questions to benchmark yourself against our retail customers' data set and see the potential sales uplift of your stores going agile.

Hear it from Chris x4. An operator. An influencer.
A consultant. And a veteran.

We talk to four experienced retailers, all called Chris (and one called Kristin), about how rapid action has become essential, which retailers are winning at agile, and how technology can help (or hinder).

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