Phil Thorne
CFO & Founding Team. Phil Thorne
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A member of the founding team, Phil is an ex-VP at J.P. Morgan. There, he advised and executed on corporate finance – including capital raisings, mergers, acquisitions, and public takeovers – across all corporate sectors. He has an Economics & Management degree from Oxford University and has recently gone State-side to head up our New York office. On the side, Phil frequently delivers renditions of his poetry and serenades us with a song on the rare occasion that the office falls quiet...

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Get to know the real Phil...

Your role, and what team are you in?

I do a bit of a lot of things.

Sum up your role at Quorso in a sentence.

Finding something new that needs doing, build it, pass it on.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The diversity and sharing of ideas.

Where were you before you joined Quorso, and what did you do there?

J.P. Morgan, advised management teams at FTSE companies on corporate finance, capital markets and other financey things.

What are your top three career highlights so far?

They’re all hopefully still to come.

What do you geek out on – at Quorso, and in non-work life?

At Quorso, anything that relates to building a business in life, anything that piques my curiosity.

Where would you like Quorso to be in five years?

At the heart of understanding how companies best run themselves and helping them do that.

If you didn’t do the job you do now, what would be your second choice?

Whoever would have me, to pay the bills!

If you could retire tomorrow, how would you spend your life?

Trying to fix and build different things that try to lead to some change.

How did you discover Quorso, and what made you want to work there?

Dan called me round his kitchen the day Julian talked to him about it for the first time…I was pulled in by the challenge and the vision.

Which Quorsan makes you laugh the most?

Tough choice between Ross and Sophie Cole…

Which Quorsan inspires you the most?

Impossible to answer…different people in different ways.

What’s been your pandemic/lockdown/work from home guilty pleasure?

Chocolate twists.

What’s your secret for getting great work done?

Sleep and a loving wife.

How do you relax when life gets really hectic?

Reading and walking.

Anyone famous who really inspires you?

John Maynard Keynes.

Predict a future use case for Quorso that we’re not working on yet.

Policy effectiveness.

What’s the best team in the world?

The All Blacks.

If you could go back to yourself when you were starting out your career, what one piece of advice would you give to yourself?

To be less sure, the world is more complex than you’ll ever give it credit for.

To be less judging of those above you, choices and relationships are tough at the best of times.

To look after yourself, burnout is real.