Sophie Slowe
Head of Marketing. Sophie Slowe
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Sophie has lived in NYC for a decade and been building global brands for over 15 years. She brings data-driven insights and powerful storytelling to Quorso. She was SVP, Strategy at a fast-growing US SaaS scale-up, where her expertise bridged the gap between customer needs, business goals, and tech capabilities. Sophie has run large teams and multi-million dollar accounts for Omnicom agencies on either side of the pond, has an Oxford University Masters in Experimental Psychology, and likes making (and eating) anything pickled.

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Your role, and what team are you in?

CMO – The Dream Team (aka Marketing)

Sum up your role at Quorso in a sentence.

We make people want to drink the Quorso Kool Aid (another imported American term) – i.e., make them live, breathe and love all things Quorso.

In other less vague words, we make sure our target buyer knows about Quorso, understands how it works and why it’s valuable, and is therefore convinced to buy it.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working with Gabrielle on smart, creative, and cost-effective ways to tackle this multi-faceted and complex challenge.

I also love the power of being brave. Brave enough to pretend we are bigger than we are and, in acting that way, become bigger. I love that even though we are small we are still making a big splash. And I love that even though we are only a tiny team, we are still running an omnichannel marketing engine from soup to nuts (last American expression I promise)

Where were you before you joined Quorso, and what did you do there?

I worked agency side for 10 years, doing integrated and digital marketing for Omnicom agencies in London and NYC. I then joined a US-based martech startup, where I focused on client strategy. The technology was a marketing decision engine, so my job was to map out customer journeys, rules and logic for every client, based on business needs).

What are your top three career highlights so far?

Deciding I was determined to get a taste of Mad Men style NYC Ad Land in my mid-20s and making it happen.

Running strategy workshops in Copenhagen, Moscow, and Tokyo, where culture appropriation was critical to the success of the sessions.

Biting the bullet and joining my brother at Quorso, at last.

What do you geek out on – at Quorso, and in non-work life?

At Quorso – when big cheeses in the retail industry engage with, enjoy, and respect our marketing content, opinions, and approaches. Every time a true MQL comes in!

In life – pickling things! Making legit cocktails. Learning stuff about brains and behavior. Lists (don’t tell anyone).

Where would you like Quorso to be in five years?

In every major retail store in the US.

On stage at NRF alongside one of these retailers and with a booth as big as a house.

Supported by an almighty internal marketing team and several serious external agencies to add specific expertise.

If you didn’t do the job you do now, what would be your second choice?

Training to be a Behavioral Therapist.

If you could retire tomorrow, how would you spend your life?

Make babies. See countries. Become a therapist anyway. Or start a pickling company….

How did you discover Quorso, and what made you want to work there?

Haha. I knew about Quorso before it was even called Quorso. When my brother decided to leave McKinsey to start it and asked if he could stay with me in NYC for the first 6 weeks to “concentrate”.

I decided to join him – eventually – because I was both proud of and excited by what he had built so far and could see the potential for real value that a focus of effective marketing would bring.

Which Quorsan makes you laugh the most?


And Dan.

And Ross.

Which Quorsan inspires you the most?

Jeez…that’s hard…I actually think it is the way we all work together that inspires me the most. I have never worked in a company where EVERYONE is so committed to and excited by the business and its potential.

What’s been your pandemic/lockdown/work from home guilty pleasure?

Zoom calls in my underwear.

What’s your secret for getting great work done?

To do lists.

Good and frequent team communication.

Considered use of words and tone.

Energy management.

How do you relax when life gets really hectic?

Do more stuff.

Getting on top of things actually calms me down. I know. I’m weird.

Anyone famous who really inspires you?

Boris Johnson.


Kamala Harris. Although her real journey has only just begun….

Predict a future use case for Quorso that we’re not working on yet.

War on Waste!

What’s the best team in the world?

Quorso Marketing Team 😉


If you could go back to yourself when you were starting out your career, what one piece of advice would you give to yourself?

Trust your instincts.

Prepare properly.

Prioritize ruthlessly.

Accept your weaknesses and build teams that support them.

Trust your teammates wonderfully.

Listen. And consider before you reply.